Sunday, August 31, 2008

WA Liberal Party election launch

Being a safe seat, it makes perfect sense that the WA Liberal Party would hold its election launch in leafy Floreat - see image above.

The budget was tight, so the team opted for a lawn gathering, without furniture (teh Constable woman is keeping it all accountable).

Sniffy was upset he didn't have a chair, but Col was happy because there were plenty of reticulation canals to peruse. Claims of water wastage turned out to be a mis-gnomer though, as the whole gig was a bore.

If you're in the Floreat area, you might just catch the team hard at work - they shift from lawn to lawn mysteriously overnight. No doubt looking for uranium deposits. Rich pickings in them western suburbs.

No sign of the ALP combi van as yet though - last seen parked outside Sizzler with the whole team jumping on board the gravy train, man.


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Anonymous said...

Just heard Barnett on 720 Drive and he's got as much of a sense of humour as a German tax collector...