Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The $950 question - show me the money!

The whole issue of whether Kevin Rudd or Malcolm Turnbull has the better package is leading this country to a place it hasn't been in a long, long time. A place where people are becoming actively involved in the political debate, rather than ambling along in a complete state of apathy.

A shame it took a bunch of $950 cheques for people to suddenly work out what side they're on, but I'm think there's a lot more debate to come as we all hang tight for the grim economic ride to come.

Yes indeed, the fat's in the fire and the deal's going down. There's a whole lot of scared, angry people gathering at the gates and I'm thinking those ranks are going to swell.

Already a simple facebook status update has created a torrent of discussion and there are further wildfires breaking out across the social networking system - just look at Malcolm Turnbull or Joe Hockey's facebook pages and follow the threads.

Below are some of the comments generated on my facebook page in the past 24 hours and I'm guessing it'll keep rolling on... your thoughts on the stimulus package? Has Rudd fired all his guns at once? Is Turnbull firing blanks and in need of his own personal stimulus package?

John reckons you should join the group 'Shut up Malcolm, we want our $950 cheques'.

Kate Mac at 4:08pm February 4
Done and DONE! Smug asshat...

Kate Mac at 4:52pm February 4
Ummm I think that's kind of the point. I've never taken a damned thing from the government in terms of benefits, yet I've been paying taxes for twenty-five bloody years! I want my $950. At least this proposed payment is going (basically) to people who are working stiffs like me.

Jamie Duncan at 5:03pm February 4
Yep. What he said. The one time the government is actually willing to lend my family a hand, and there's one of Australia's richest politicians denying us. Again.

Kate Mac at 5:08pm February 4
Agreed. Screw that silvertail, and his constant cries of, "I did it tough as a young 'un". He shits me to tears.

Dawn Gibson at 7:08pm February 4
I want one too....but I think I have to give it back to the tax ironic

Skink McTestie at 7:27am February 5
to Natasha and Nathan and all those bitching about the handouts:


you know why you didn't get it? because you voted for John Howard, probably more than once, and would probably have voted for Hanson of she hadn't been banged up. You aspire to voting Liberal in the same way that you aspire to private schools and aspire to a German automobile.

well, after years of Costello building up a massive surplus by never adjusting the tax thresholds and increasing the tax take by eleven years of bracket creep, Rudd is giving some of it back to those that were taxed highest by Howard.

I won't get a cheque, but I don't care. It was a brilliant move by Rudd - give a quarter of the stimulus package to core swing voters, annoy people like Natasha who will never ever vote Labor, and keepo the media talking about the cash handouts and ignoring the real 75% of the package. Skink McTestie at 7:58am February 5
...and best of all Turnbull makes a complete asshat of himself by trying to prise the cheques out of swing voters' hands and give it to employers as tax breaks for his mates in the 500 Club.

working people are shit scared at the moment, scared of losing thier jobs when many had their job security taken away by Work Choices, and scared of being stuck in negative equity as property prices fall.

They want someone to do something, anything, but do it quick. Turnbull would rather fanny around trying to score points for himself by attacking the government with all the menace of a moth attacking a light bulb.

Jamie Duncan at 9:44am February 5
Skink, old son, that's a tremendous spray. Great work.


Anonymous said...

This is no time to be conservative - the coalition would live to see the country slide deeper into the shit to better their chances at the next election!

Anonymous said...

you people r iresponsible - i dont get a check, so why should evryone else who my taxes support get one.
Lazy people shld go and get a job