Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Drop me a line, or subscribe

A happy Wednesday to you and just a short note today to ask that if you are a regular visitor to The Perth Files, do me a favour and leave a comment on the post that takes your interest.

Or, look across to the right hand side bar and click on RSS feeds - takes two seconds and you'll be able to check when the latest posts are up... that way when I'm being a lazy bastard you don't have to waste your time dropping in.

A couple of simple reasons for the request:

Firstly it lets me know that you're out there and links me back to your site if you're a fellow blogger... if you've got an interest in what I'm saying, I'm sure I'll find your yarns of interest as well.

Quite simply, you interact with me and I'll drop in and help populate your comments pages...

Secondly, it raises my hopes that some of the dodgy keywords that bring people to TPF, read 'Kerry Anne + witch', 'Perth animal sex', 'cops die blog' etc, aren't leaving people disappointed in what they find here. I don't mind if these particular people are disappointed, in fact I hope they are, but it'd be nice to know about it when people actually find what they're looking for, or enjoy what they find.

I also don't mind if you have a go at me either. Nothing like a bit of robust debate, so knock yourselves out :-)

So go on. Can I has comments pleeze? You can also find me lurking about facebook, or going by the monicker of freocookster on twitter.

Thanks to Darren Rowse at pro blogger for his insight.


General Acha said...

es perth, australia??
es la mejor ciudad para vivir

2BarRiff said...

I'm in yr commentz, pimpin yr linkz

Keren Moran said...

I stumbled across this blog looking for interseting stuff to do in Perth - as I'm visiting perth fot the first time in September. While it doesn't tell me which pubs to hit, I quite enjoyed some of the posts. The Kerri-Anne one was entertaining. I find it amazing that her show is still on TV and looks like nothing has changed since the late 80s - the hot pink logo, leopard print outfits, and that music. Although as someone who frequently gets called Kezza, i must say i was a liitle upset to realise that my nickname could refer Kerri-Anne. If my nickname must also belong to a celebrity, couldn't it be someone cool?

Cookster said...

Dontcha just love the intermawebs? I put out a call to action and get responses from a Spanish General, my old mate 2Barr and a delightful would-be tourist with the nickname Kezza!

Don't be disheartened Kezza, that nickname also belongs to the hard-hitting ABC 7.30 Report correspondent Kerry O'Brien - sure he's a 'ranga', but he's a talented 'ranga'.

Stay with me Kezza, a list of Perth 'hot spots' is coming soon, but in the meantime, check out the Beaufort Street Bloggers and Abstract Gourmet (links below) for some handy hints.