Friday, August 01, 2008

People Against Daylight Savings - update

* Okay, I've just heard that Anthony Fels new party is actually called People Against Daylight Savings (PADS).

According to Labor, pads will be lining Anthony's cell as he takes a one way ride to the "political lunatic fringe".


David Ling said...

Anthony Fels has long been in the lunatic fringe, he owns it. Lying to parlimentary commitee, running his private business out of parliment and who could forget his daylight saving/Bagdad comparison. How do these people ever get into parliment?

Cookster said...

Appealing to the lowest common denominator perhaps? Ala the people overboard lie-fest that stirred the racism pot.

Anonymous said...

You heartless pigs! The Honorable Anthony Fels has done the correct thing by saying NO to daylight savings!

Who could possibly want it? City people! Thats all!!!

Think about the people of the country! The poor guys that battle hard every day to provide you city folks with fresh produce!

Mr Fels is just making sure that the country voice is heard!
The most important voice!