Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sunday trading - grow up Perth!

Good lord, we have wall to wall Labor governments, we have daylight savings and at last someone looks like taking the Japanese to task over their obsession with ingesting blubber...

AND, the state government is pushing the Sunday trading bandwagon, that has until now been more of a Sunday trading shopping trolley, complete with dodgy wheels and a distinct lack of direction.

Now I've said it about 47 times and I'll say it again, wake up and smell the coffee Perth, Sunday trading is not going to be the next Y2K (gee, so nothing happened there either?); it is not going to raise Satan from his fiery lair to smote us in our sleep; it is NOT going to cause prices to rise!

Can we please shut up with the notion that Sunday is a family day, hence the shops should remain closed so we can all sit around the fondue set knitting scarves and playing UNO... eff off!!! With three kids, every day is a frigging family day for me, so why the hell can't I go and buy something on a Sunday? Would it be okay if I took the kids?

I do not enjoy the mad scramble to shop on a Saturday morning and as all parents will know, Thursday nights are a nightmare... Sunday is good. Hey, church opens on a Sunday, so what about Harvey Norman?

Okay, that last comment might be somewhat below the belt, but this town is exasperating and drives a man to the edge of reason... come on folks, embrace the change and the next person who says 'if it aint broke, don't fix it' cops it in the neck.