Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Random Top 10 Twitter Twips

Someone asked me to put together what must be one of the 38 million lists of top ten tips for Twitter that exist in the ether... so I did.

Keep in mind that this is a list of tips for people in the communications game, but I think some of the points are fairly unanimously accepted across the twitterverse.

Main point being, don't spam my assss, or you will be doomed to #Fail.

@freocookster presents the Top 10 Twitter Twips:

1. The first step on the path to having any influence on twitter is to build a strong network of followers and to interact with this group on a regular basis.

2. Don't soil your twitter nest by rushing in with the hard sell and posting up links to your latest press release - you will only confirm your status as a spam merchant.

3. Be interesting and in turn show interest in what others in your network are saying - re-tweet and share information on a regular basis.

4. Don't be tempted to follow everyone in the twitterverse in a quick fix attempt to build your network - befriending random strangers doesn't work in real life and it won't work online.

5. Be patient, remain engaging and the right people will follow you in time.

6. You don't have to follow everyone who follows you, and be super wary of opening links preceded by comments like, "Hey, I saw this pic of you and thought you should see it!"

7. It's okay to be a brand advocate and to share an opinion or response, but refrain from turning yourself into an online ad - it's boring and unlikely to have any cut through anyway.

8. If you want your followers to engage with your brand - or your client's brand - do it in a fun way that makes it a tangible experience for all. Free stuff is always good!

9. If you are in the communications industry, always be up-front about representing your client's interest and be careful about the battles you pick.

10. Remember, without a good network of followers who you engage with on a regular basis, your tweets will fall on deaf ears... be a part of the conversation!

*Thanks to Dom O'Leary for the birdie pic :)