Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tony Mokbel - where the bloody hell are you?

It's interesting to note that apart from Ben Cousins, the biggest number of hits on this blog are from web search results on 'Tony Mokbel' - mostly from Victoria and Heidelberg in particular (Map Stats and ClustrMaps are a great resource!).

Well, just in case there's a police squad devoted to searching blogs for gangsters that flee bail, let me put it on record that I'm strictly in the "Tony, where the bloody hell are you?" category when it comes to his whereabouts.

What did surprise me the other day was that someone in Dubai did a search on 'Fat' Tony and was directed through to my blog. After transferring $20 million overseas, there are worse places in the world to play golf and work on a sun tan.

So Tony, if you're out there, drop us a line and let us know what the weather's like!
IMAGE: Courtesy of The Age


Anonymous said...

I see that you're from Yarraville mate! Did you used to run with Carl and the New Boys? Where is Tony?

Cookster said...

There was a bloke in Yarraville known as 'Chopper with Ears'who got hacked up and disposed of in local wheely bins... he lived down the road from me and the night after he was murdered they burned his house down. We had forensics go through the bin. They never did find his head though...

Cookster said...

Good lord, now they're saying that Naomi Robson has been involved with the Fat Man - apparently "she's made".

Is there any way we could link Ray Martin up in this sordid affair?

Anonymous said...

Mokbel and the West Australian Connection
(from The Bulletin - 06/09/2004)

It was a Friday evening in November 2002 and Gatto had been asked to set up a meeting between Mokbel and three West Australian crime identities, including John Kizon and bikie gang figure Troy Mercanti. Mercanti was apparently aggrieved that Mokbel, while in jail, had called him “a dog”, the most heinous insult in the criminal vocabulary. The group, which also included drug tsar Nik “The Russian” Radev and an entourage of bodyguards and hangers-on, had met at La Porcella to thrash out a peaceful settlement. But, according to one source, Mokbel had turned up “full of bullshit and bad manners”, so the West Australians proceeded to teach him a lesson.

Right there on the footpath outside the restaurant, Mokbel was dealt a severe kicking to the head and body. It’s said Mokbel may have died but for the fact the main assailant was wearing runners and not the heavy boots normally employed for this purpose.

Gatto’s sin, according to Mokbel’s followers, was to stand back and watch the beating take place. Veniamin, then a loyal associate of Gatto, was ordered to take Mokbel for medical treatment. Over the next few weeks, Veniamin became friendly with the roguish Mokbel, who was then the rising star of the underworld despite having been charged as the alleged boss of a $2bn drug empire.

To that point, Melbourne’s underworld war had been a series of skirmishes between independent, yet interconnected, players in the drug trade. Victoria Police’s Operation Kayak had yielded a rich catch of drug players destabilising the underworld and setting former friends against each other. The involvement of allegedly corrupt police in the drug trade added another layer of tension. Police Commissioner Christine Nixon’s decision to disband the drug squad to root out corrupt officers had further raised the paranoia levels.

But the falling-out between Gatto and Mokbel gave the conflict a new focus and the soldiers would be called upon to choose sides. As one player said: “You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.”

For Gatto, now in his late 40s, this was a disastrous development. His crew had taken on a comfortable middle-class profile, scaling back the violent standover of restaurants and illegal gaming joints in Carlton and the city.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that Mokbel is hiding in the top end of WA, with WA WA and is waiting for Naomi to rescue him, Mokbel that is, via a trip from West Papua.

Apparently Ray Martin "lego man" was aware of the whole plan and called Indonesia, Naomi's supposed first point of call, to stifle any attempt to pull off the double - WA WA and MOKBEl.

Isa Guha said...
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