Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Daylight savings - welcome to a new dawn

It's finally happening. The powers that be have opened the door to a brave new world where we dare buggerise around with time and learn how to adjust our clocks to embrace daylight savings.

And it's about bloody time... I'm an absolute wreck from waking at the god-awful hour of 4.30am every morning as the sun peeks in and rudely slaps me from my slumber.

Unless there are cows for me to milk, or wheat for me to sow, this is not an hour that I feel requires my waking presence. As outlined in my previous post below, I refuse to join the 'start early, finish early' brigade.

Perth, It's just a matter of adjusting. We've been dealt a poor hand by Mother Nature when it comes to the cycle of daylight hours and this change is merely putting everything back in its natural order.

They say, 'if it aint broke, don't fix it', but I've got to tell you, it's well and truly broke - it needs a sharp hit with a blunt instrument and daylight savings is just the tool to put things right.

Look forward to seeing you all down the beach for fish and chips on the foreshore one night soon - no torch required!


Anonymous said...

finally common sense prevails. having now been through a couple of trials in WA and 3 summers here in the UK i know from experience that daylight saving is a wonderful thing that can really enrich life.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to a summer of daylight savings too.

Bryan said...

Daylight saving is an anachronism left over from the 2nd world war. It in no way enhances life in Perth as we are already on the far edge of our time zone, and therefore already are subjected to at least 20 minutes difference in times from dawn to dusk as compared to Sydney. This year has not shown anyone changing their lifestyle, people leave their airconditioned offices an hour earlier and go to their airconditioned homes where they stay until they go to bed (re increased power consumptions!) Children leave school during the UV danger period to go home. It just makes waking up very hard when the sun hasn't peered over the horizon in late February/March until 7:11! We only reall have daylight saving forced upon us because the big multinational companies find it more convenient. Why don't all states drop it?