Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bring on Sunday trading

We've done it Perth - we've lived with daylight savings for more than a month now and we're all still alive and kicking! The curtains are coping well, the kids are sleeping like a dream and even the cows have got themsleves sorted.

Granted, many of us have yet to adjust the reticulation timer and there is talk of the odd 'stiffy' making an unwelcome appearance on the morning bus, but even genitalia will get the hang of it eventually. Seriously, this issue was - ahem - raised (chortle...) on talk back radio.

Now we're all big grown ups who have graduated to the 21st Century, but it's not over yet. No siree, now it's time to go the next step... now, don't get too excited, but can we please say YES to extended trading hours. Face it, this is the only city in the western world where you can't go shopping on a Sunday and quite frankly it's an embarrasment.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no shop-a-holic and I have no intention of trawling the corridors of Myers and DJs 24/7, but I'd like the right to carry out my humble retail excursions at a time that suits me.

For many people Monday to Saturday, 9.00am - 5.00pm with one late night opening is not a viable option. My local 'not so' SUPER market closes an hour before I finish work, so instead I have to travel to another suburb, or pay above the odds at the 'gourmet' grocery, if I want to pick something up on the way home.

Oh sure, there will be those of you out there saying 'enough is enough, why can't we save Sunday as a day of rest and keep the shops closed'. And you'd be the bunch who opposed petrol stations opening seven days a week - remember the frustration of the roster system?

Let's get with the program and clutch these changes to our collective bosoms and then set about even bigger changes like saving water... we live on a sand dune people! And our dams are below 20 per cent capacity. But hey, that's another blog for another time.


Anonymous said...

hello there - just found your blog. Haven't had much time to read through yet but I am liking this post anyway (I am SO with you on the trading hours thing - I lived in the UK and could do my groceries at 11pm....and I did!)

I have the entire web to look at and I prefer blogs from Perth. I get too jealous reading blogs from New York or even Melbs.

Anyhow, consider yourself bookmarked. I may even link you from my blog when I get five minutes.

Cookster said...

Housewife, thanks for your feedback. If you like my thoughts on trading hours, you'll probably enjoy my daylight savings rants as well. I've lived both in the UK and Melbourne and once dashed out to Coles at 3.00am to pick up a packet of Quickeeze - now that's convenience! What's your blog?

Anonymous said...

oh I should get better at pimping my blog. I am on that funny technorati thingo but I cant quite work out how to add the buttons to my blog.

Please dont start me on daylight saving. I am so much more sociable now my kids wake me at 6am and not 5am.

here, will this work?

telstra have just updated bigblog and it is having a few glitches. I lost all my comments too so I am feeling unloved! :)

I really need to go clean my shower and perhaps have one...have a nice afternoon.

Cookster said...

Housewife, I had a good read of your blog - which is a great read -and tried to post a message, but the friggen thing came up with an error message and wiped my comments... arghh! Thanks for the link and I gather I won't be seeing you down at the Beach House sipping pretend lattes and watching the action on the bouncy castle then???

Anonymous said...

hi cookster! yes I am not happy with the changes at bigblog. First they stuff up the comments so they are impossible to make but worse - there is ADVERTISING ON MY BLOG. Not happy. thinking of reactivating my old blogspot blog. I gave it away because no-one visited. But I am very unhappy with the advertising on my site. grrrrr......

I love the beachhouse but too hard with the tiny one and the toddler.

dave said...

i was living in mandurah when they experimented with 24hr shopping. it was quite surreal going shopping after a 10pm basketball game. i think i'll find it hard when i move back to perth after being used to the london trading hours. having our local tesco close at 4pm on a sunday seems bad these days.