Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fishing the social media seas

I loved this quote that was in the program for a great PRIA seminar I attended today on New Media and PR:

'The good news is, everyone's visible online. The bad news is we're all three inches tall.' Seth Godin, Purple Cow.

It reminds me of a tag line that fellow blogger Tea Brennan once used: 'I went outside once and the graphics were shit.'

Yes, there's no doubt that we're all spending a truck load more time hanging out and communicating online and those conversations are bouncing around out there on the interwebs for EVERYONE to read.

And trawling this vast sea of information are whole fleets of search engines like Google Alert, dipping their lines into the briny and landing fat, fishy hauls of conversation into the inboxes of people worldwide. Us fisherpeople specify what species of information we're after, but just like the 'real world', sometimes you've got to wear the odd clump of seaweed, or pull your hook off an information snag.

* Okay, it's a tenuous analogy, but it's the best I can do over a luke warm coffee and a bag of orange snakes! *

What today's seminar has reinforced is that the term virtual reality is increasingly a misnomer. Today's online world is as real as bricks and mortar and for people working in the communications game it's a case of come on board today, or risk becoming the techno dinosaurs of tomorrow.

Yeah, you're probably saying 'ah, der!', but as someone who has had their toe in the online world since 2005, there is so much I still need to learn... and it changes every day. While we have office IT - slash - techno geeks who champion the online world, in some countries they have PR people who work exclusively within 'teh interwebs' - Digital Influence Teams... go figure! In Australia we're still fighting for the right to access facebook at work.

I also found out this morning that blogging is like ohhhh sooooo yesterday, but hey, I'm an old fashioned sorta guy. Twittering is now the way to go, so expect me to drag myself out of the briny and up into the big blue sky any day soon! And beyond that I'll be Plurking and Plazing on my mobile phone.

Yes indeed, it's time to get with the program or risk legions of smarmy Gen-Y fake tan purveyors snickering at us as we get our Twitters confused with our facebooks.

A big thanks to: Richard Giles from Recommendations Ventures and; Bronwen Clune, CEO of Norg Media, founder of; and Steven Taylor from Creative Nature Communications who has been using the interwebs since the days when Commodore 64s were still being traded on the open market.

One last thing - I know all three of you have got your information long-lines dangling in the briny waiting for any company mentions via Google Alert, so if you do happen to sail past The Perth Files, please be sure to leave me a message.


Anonymous said...

Was great to meet you today! Glad it sounds like it was worthwhile.

And Google Alert is working like a charm ;).

Cookster said...

Indeed, great to meet you too and good to get a glimpse of what's on the technology horizon... you know now that I'll now be badgering you to link me to your vast networks!

2BarRiff said...

Twitter is all well and good, but for those like myself who aren't online all day, every day I can't see the point.

Besides, mine would be:
7.30 At work
18.00 Home
7.30 At work
18.00 Home
etc etc etc

Cookster said...

2Barr, you gotta get wid da program ma main man! D'you reckon if Jim Rockford was operating today he wouldn't have Twitter? Maybe you should give Plurk a try?

Anonymous said...

Damn, been running around and Richard beat me to the first comment!
Thanks John - glad you found it useful and I think you make a good point about the internet being "real" as opposed to some sci-fi fantasy world that many make it out to be.
2barrif - The thing that Twitter did very differently was enabling mobile tweets from the beginning. So you can send and receive tweets via SMS. It's also not only about saying what you are doing - it really is MUCH more. I'd say if you are interested join and try it out for a couple of weeks - it may not be for you - but that's the only way you'll find out. You also have to find some interesting people to follow. If you do join feel free to add me @bronwen. If you send me a reply (that is a tweet with @bronwen) then I'll add you as a follower and guide you through if you like.