Friday, June 06, 2008

Perth as it used to be... and still is

Ahhh, the good old days - all this joint needs is a bit of lawn!

I reckon if this was the scene facing us today, the developers would be licking their lips and falling over themselves to prepare concepts for a waterfront tourism precinct.

Amazingly, apart from the mud flats making way for the lawn, things haven't changed that much. They've spruced Kings Park up a bit and knocked up a bridge to let West Coast supporters across to the other side of the river (bad move), but essentially us West Aussies continue the tradition of frocking up and heading to the big hill overlooking the city to check out the view.

They also had a lot less blue green algie back in the day and I hear you could net a bucket of king prawns the size of a truckie's forearm in a lazy half hour. These days you're more likely to bag the odd blind mullet, but there are still plenty of red herrings to keep things interesting.

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2BarRiff said...

Eh, I'm kinda ambivalent. I'd like to see something there, but am waiting for a vision to follow as inspiration is not allowing me to come up with my own.

Apparently more fans of the West Coast Dealers live SOR than those of the Rick Hart Seconds. Or the Freo residents come up Stirling Highway.