Thursday, February 12, 2009

Australia Day Goon of Fortune

Some great images from Australia Day continue to filter through to The Perth Files and there is none better than this classic Baz Luhrmanesque masterpiece from Redcliffe.

These funsters chose to celebrate Australia Day in the traditional way, with a 'Goon of Fortune' hanging proudly from the great Australian Hills Hoist. Look at that man at work, suckling proudly from the shiny, metallic bosom of the Stanley Leasingham cask on a day out in Heathridge - where the cask remains tres chic.

The second goon bag in the background contains some quality Rose for the more sofistikated family members. You know, Aunty Gene who smokes those exotic Winfield Greens.

Note the classic wooden pegs holding not only the goon bags, but also (we imagine) the Australian Flag, unfurled and proudly flying in the 'Freo Doctor' - Perth's much loved and daily anticipated afternoon sea breeze.

Best dressed on the day was the gentleman captured here in the image, saluting the said Hills Hoist dressed in national costume, 'wife beater singlet and jocks, teamed with thongs', before he heads over to the tin shed to pick up the waiting cricket bat for the impending backyard cricket match.

A beaut day was had by all and when drained the goon bags were definitely given the full Oz-Day treatment and recycled into the obligatory bladder pillows.

Go Aussie!


Anonymous said...

Awesome party, but I wasn't wearing jocks, they were speedos.......was Australia day after all !!!

Cookster said...

Jocks, budgie smugglers, cock jocks or dick togs... all the same :)

Anonymous said...

Friends of mine invented this game in Forrestfield many years ago. I was about 18 and we were at a house near Dawson Ave.

Unknown said...

not entirely unique to Perth is the game of good of fortune. Students everywhere love the game and some of the people who run the best backpackers hostels in this country will also play variants.

best goonbag story of my life goes to the first time I went to the NYE fireworks in sydney. being from perth, it was something I had only seen on TV and something I really wanted to do.

SO there I am, at the rocks watching this amazing fireworks display and one of the people in my group turned to me and asked 'is this all you ever dreamed' I turned to him to reply and there was a person (not part of our group) who had taken the bladder out of his Chateau l'Cardboard and was skulling the sweet nectar straight from the goonbag....

I don't think I answered my friends question....