Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Kevin Bloody Wilson in Lancelin

Ahh, nothing like a long weekend in lovely Lancelin, bed-riden by a demon chest cold and a lower back spasm - the two complaints work a treat when combined! If it wasn't for the 1,000 milligram 'big bertha' antinflammatories and a sensational win by the Freo Dockers, it might have been an Easter to forget.

Of course, one of Lancelin's most famous residents is none other than the 'effin and blinding Kevin Bloody Wilson. I was pleased to see as I drove past his beachside manor that his boat was also named in appropriate KBW style - 'Far Canal'.

For those of you not well versed in Aussie 'strine', I'll spell it out for you, 'Far Canal... far-kin-al... far-kin-hell..." Got it? It's a bit like the perenial 'Far Q' and 'Far Q2'.

We love a play on words in Australia and even more so we love a sweary name. Here are some of my all time faves:

Wayne King (went to my high school)
Wayne Kerr (I had a teacher of that name!)
Richard (Dick) Wenker (I had to write a business profile about the man!)
Hung Long (far as I know his restaurant's still open in Northbridge)

Image: pure gold from the Kevin Bloody Wilson website!


Arthur_Vandelay said...

A word of advice, Cookster: you'll need to activate "word verification" lest your comments become inundated with the "16 . . . 17 . . . 18 girls at Lavalife are waiting to check out your penis extension" brigade.

So KBW lives in Lancelin, now? He used to live in the vicinity of Duncraig, I think. (Smack bang in the middle of Boganopia!) I believe I saw him once at Warwick Grove (well, he's hardly the sort to be shopping for a $2000 automatic coffee machine in David Jones, is he?).

Cookster said...

Thanks for the feedback AV & you'll note that word verification is now on... I meant to do it when I started getting spam on fly fishing techniques...

Yep, Kev's the big man in Lanno now - there's someone who would know plenty about boondies and cat shit!

Erica said...

Interestingly enough, I too had a teacher named Wayne Kerr. It was in about grade 4 though, so of course I didn't get the humour in his name.

Cookster said...

Erica - anyone who had a teacher called Wayne Kerr is good enough to earn a link to my blog. I hope you don't get the Tony Mokbel crowd dropping in for a visit!