Monday, April 30, 2007

Farmer incident - take note West Coast

A number of people have asked me why I haven't posted anything about the Jeff Farmer incident from last weekend where he is alleged to have punched a nightclub bouncer in the face. There have been suggestions that I may have turned the other cheek on this one due to my passion for the Fremantle Football Club.

Well, to set the record straight, my lack of correspondence is simply due to the fact that I have bigger fish to fry right now. Indeed, my third child is due to arrive into this world on Wednesday and preparing for his early arrival has taken up a fair bit of time... blogging is a long way down this list right now.

But to set the record straight, I believe that the Fremantle Football Club's actions in suspending Farmer until round 13 was the correct decision. Unlike that other mob up the road, the club imposed its penalty swiftly and without excuse, ultimately to the detriment of season 2007, but for the benefit of the club's long-term morale and integrity.

While the West Coast rots from the head down in a mire of excuse ridden denials and arrogance in its 'win at all cost' approach to the game, Fremantle has shown itself to be a strong, decisive club that isn't prepared to let its players ride rough shod over the team as a whole.

Farmer was told not to go to that club and he broke the rules, regardless of what transpires in court today. Worsfold, Gooding and Nisbett could learn a lesson in discipline and people management from this episode.


Anonymous said...

Fremantle acted swiftly? This wasn't Farmer's first off field problem in the last 12 months. Even Rick Hart said they have had problems leading to this decision (which have been hidden from public view?). After all why was he told not to go to this pub? But take the higher ground and pretend to be the morally better side. After all Fremantle were just as swift to suspend Black (x2), Dodd and Peake when they got in trouble off field. Both Perth clubs are rotten from it's head to it's toes and you know it.

David Cohen said...

Pshaww! Stuff and nonsense (Andrew says). The Cookester is right - Freo acted quickly. Quite a contrast to the other mob.
Good luck for Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Yep, sure acted quickly. Pretended they didn't see the big screen at the WAFL Grand Final. Covered up what happened in Claremont in January then 4 months later suspend him when he breached his third final warning. When will they get around to acting quickly on Heath Black?

Anonymous said...

Jeff had a bit too much woobla and got in a Lara with a bouncer ......big freakin deal.

What sort of a Sanitised Society do we live in.

The Wiz lives by the motto go hard or go home!

Anonymous said...

Man your blog freaks me out. Take me to The Firm. Let's go to The Red Parrot. Bar sport for some pasta. Ha ha ha. Perth. I love it. More more.

Anonymous said...

Should all clubs in the AFL take note on how to lie and cover up a situation like Cameron Schwab did yesterday? Has he been talking to Nisbett because it was a West Coast style denial. "Tarrant was not involved in any incident to my knowledge....." that is great comedy stuff! The only thing that will be funnier than that is what excuse you will come up with to deny it and stick up for Tarrant. Maybe Tarrant forgot he wasn't in WA and didn't realise footballers can't belt people in the other states/territories of Australia.

Cookster said...

I don't give a stuff. I was thinking what we'd do with Tarrant to bring Golden Boots Murphy back into the side and this provides us with a good opportunity. Oh and with all the crap that was going on in that nightclub, it could have been anyone who hit that Hale bloke - maybe a flying beer bottle.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha brilliant, maybe pigs were carrying the beer bottle or it had wings of its own! I bet your stupid enough to believe the "Harvey was helping out a lady" defence. It is not like he is a hothead or anything? If something did happen Schwab will tell us the truth. No doubt Hale, the bouncer Farmer thumped, the taxi driver, Greg Broughton, that policewoman all deserved what they got. No one touches a WA footballer player. When will the public learn?