Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bring back the Pope Scope!

Well, the Pontif has come and gone, leaving a lot of Catholic youth facing their biggest comedown since the red cordial days.

Sure it was great to see old Ratzy out there on the Harbour, donning the policemen's hat, pressing the flesh, etc, etc, but I'm a little non-plussed with the lack of merch being peddled on the streets.

Where the hell... excuse the blasphemy... are the Pope's authorised tour t-shirts and bomber jackets? Why can't I get my own souvenir pointy hat? You would have at least thought we'd see a few old man Pope masks, or Papal staffs that play a burst of 'Wassa Matter You?' when you press a button on the handle.

Sheesh! Back in the day when we had the last Papal appearance, good old WA Salvage had the foresight to mass produce carboard 'Pope Scopes' - I guess it was Luigi's RC upbringing that prompted this wise marketing decision. And you know what, I did sava-da-money and puchased at least half a dozen of these crude, yet highly effective periscopes.

Sadly, they were all stolen by crack heads and heathens back in my university days, so I can't show you the design. And no, I never actually spotted the Pope, but those suckers were just the thing for live gigs and keeping an eye on our attractive next door neighbour.

For the love of God, someone please tell me this occasion didn't go by without nairy a Pope scope in sight? Surely not???


Anonymous said...

All the effort went to World Youth Day in Syd.

Unknown said...

Personally I'd have liked to have seen a Pope Soap on a Rope! Or a Pope mobile cardboard mobile. (ok I think they are spelt the same way...but I meant a mobile as in a cardboard thingy of miniature pope mobiles you hang from your ceiling ;-)

Anonymous said...

There are pope soaps on a rope, but only john paul versions. I remember pope scopes. Good times.

Cookster said...

Good lord... Pope soap??? Using the Pontif to clean the privates would seem somewhat sac-religious! Boom-tish!