Friday, January 30, 2009

Ugly Aussies raise their heads

Sure, I've aired my opinion about all this Aussie flag flying fervour, so it's only to be expected that the other side of this debate would raise its head - in this case a rather ugly, close cropped, white supremacist kinda head.

Doing a search on the Australian flag in facebook groups took me to this charming site: 'People who find the Australian flag offensive should GET THE FUCK OUT!'

Not sure where the fuck out I'm supposed to go, but I think their logic that anyone who doesn't sport a flag out of every orrifice on Australia Day finds the flag offensive it quite fatally flawed.

There are a whole bunch of arguments in this group based around some council's decision to remove a flag on safety reasons that the 8,000-plus people in this group see as completely un-orstrayen... and somehow linked to the 'foreign invaders' in our midst.

And for the record, I'm your classic Anglo-Scot-Irish mongrel 4th generation Aussie, so no, I'm not pushing any racial barrow here.

But I am deeply ashamed when I read posts like this one from Victor Young, shown in his facebook profile pic with a young child in his arms:

Victor Young wrote
at 10:02am
there's nothing wrong with the australian flag, if u dont like the flag fuck off to another country and ian i quote "But this 'fuck off we're full' attitude is deplorable, and to my eyes - extremely un-Australian", it's not deplorable, we r getting full of pricks that come here and cant even speak our language and the citizen test is a load of shit, if u cant speak english, Fuck off we're ARE full, there is only so many jobs at the 7-11's.

I'd suggest Victor that if you're typical of the type of person that flies the Australian flag on Australia Day, then leave me out of it. This is deep south US of A circa 1950 sorta language.

I'd go as far to say Victor, that if you can't write proper English, should u also fuck off?

Surely, of the 8,000 people in this group, the vast majority couldn't possibly share these views? Could they? At this stage, the silence is deafening.


David Cohen said...

righteous Cookster. It's enought o make you very (Southern) cross...

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you on this, and I'm glad someone has finally said it... I thought I was the only one!

Being a reasonably young fella myself I get told I'm unpatriotic etc If I don't agree with this sort of ugly behaviour!