Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Daylight saving zombies ATTACK!!!

Somebody's squeezed a few vials of Viagra into the tea urn down at Daylight Savings Zombie Central. Yes siree, there's a whiff of victory in the air and the cardigan brigade couldn't be more excited if Eoin Cameron was back on the electoral hustings.

It's been slim pickings this past week in the zombie hunt pack. Frank's done his best, but with Carps on the sidelines turning to fat and The Lazy Aussie running decoy for Barnett, he's pushing shit uphill with the proverbial toothpick.

Bento is hell bent on cutting the fiends down to size with his Ruger semi-auto with the hollow tip slugs Skink smuggled in from Taiwan, but the Bus Driver and his crazy partner Tea are providing safe passage in a steel plated ex-Transperth bus. Couldn't penetrate that sucker with a Zeliska 600 Nitro Express Revolver.

It's great to have new blood in Shazza come on-board to take on the hand-to-liver spot dotted hand-combat, but for every new body we gain, another falls by the wayside. The Outrage Cohen has been next to useless since he started mainlining that aqua-farmed squid from Chinese-Taipei. It was only a matter of time before the zombies commandeered the presses at The Post to turn out their JUST SAY NO propaganda, but at least the Stones Green Ginger-based Molotov that Poor Lisa lobbed through the window put a spanner in the works.

The regionals are where we're really copping it in the neck and although Rolly is making all the right noises, my fears are that he's working as a double agent. Word is he has plans to put Matt Birney under the wheels of his tractor and seed him with a GM-free canola crop.

The referendum is drawing ever closer. The excited chatter of false teeth and the snap of elasticated double-waisted pants is a drill boring through my skull, making passage for the savage rays that will surely exact their revenge when summer 09/10 rolls around.

As I wander the early morning beaches, taking out the kneecaps of those rendered incontinent at the giddy joy of banishing daylight saving to the dark bottom drawer where Sunday trading resides, my thoughts start to wander.

Lonely summer afternoons on the beach watching a feeble, febrile sun slink away into the Indian Ocean at 6.30pm. Riding back from Little Parakeet Bay on Rottnest Island asking no one in particular, 'Hey, who turned out the lights?'. Poking the snags on the backyard barbie in the half gloom wondering if they're going black, or if it's just the fading light. Sending down a beam ball to the number one son in the Floreat nets and realising too late that he can't see jack shit and is about to wear an incrediball on the chin.

But I guess that's okay, cause the zombies will march forth in the early morn like some remake of Wacko Jacko's Thiller video, boldly striding along to the beat of their own selfish drums as the rest of us consider block-out curtains to keep the baby from waking up at 4.30am.

They'll gather in excited clusters at suburban Chinese restaurants in the 6pm gloom, proferring wine coolers and competing with each other as to who goes to bed and gets out of bed the earliest. 'Water the lawn at 4am, tea on the table at 4.30pm and in bed with Graham Maybury by 6.30pm - that's the life Frank!"

I gather I'm not alone in the YES army, but I feel that our numbers are thin and the zombies are on the rise. Indeed, I think there will be people who vote NO simply because they feel that somehow the people in the eastern states are trying to get one over them. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

And then there's the crowd who say we already get more sunlight than the east, so we don't need daylight saving. Well, I say balls to that theory. Maybe we get more at 4.30am when it's about as much use as TOAB.

So I guess the question is, are you with me, or are you de-linting the woollen cardy and sharpening up the chopticks for a small night out with the zombie brigade?

Yes, or no?


Unknown said...

What a load of drivel, although parts of it were cleverly written. So I have to give up my mornings because you don't want to have decent curtains so your baby won't be woken up by the early morning sun? How is that any more relevant than me not wanting to give up my early mornings for you? I voted yes at the last referendum but really hate the actuality of DLS. Your implication that I am a toothless retiree is also unfounded, I was barely old enough to vote at the last referendum. I have a house cow, surprise her milk doesn't curdle and my curtains haven't faded either. What we have here is a simple disagreement between morning people and night owls - end of story. The business sector might want to say it makes trading with the ES easier - well it makes trading with other countries that little bit harder too, lets face it, the planet is round, we're all in different time zones and we have to learn to get around it all the time. Did you ever consider that the reason we were lumbered with the DLS trial is because the esteemed pollies that foisted it on us had a reason to get us all het up about something other than what illegal activities they were about to be sprung doing? Which ever way you look at it you can use the "it's only an hour so get over it" argument and that is what makes this referendum such an expensive farce.

Cookster said...

Sorry to bore you with my 'somewhat cleverly written drivel' Ms Early Morning Rosie. Clearly it elicited a staunch response, which is what it was intended to do - the arguments in this debate so far bore me shitless. However, what time do you need to get up in the morning? I thought my clocks were stuffed my first summer back here after returning from Melbourne - either that or some bastard was outside with a set of spotlights trained through my blinds. Don't get me wrong, with three kids in tow 7.30am is a decent sleep-in and these days I can't even stay up to catch Boston Legal at 10.30pm, so I'm no night owl. On the business front a no vote might put us a further hour behind the eight ball, but on a social level it'll set us back about 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Cancer Bait
Western Australia has the second highest incidence of melanoma in the country, so lets do daylight saving in the hottest part of the year when the sun's rays are at their fiercest,turn the oven, oops clock, forward two hours, leave to bake all summer and go for NUMBER ONE.Couple this with compulsory Nudism on all beaches and then at least we'll be the best at something. See me no Zombie!

Cookie Monster

Anonymous said...

Vote “NO”

> ToincreasedGlobalWarming Duetoincreasedpowerconsumption

> Tohigherincidence Melanoma
Due to increased sun exposure

> Toincreased heat fatigue
the day

> To being out of sync with Asia
Now our Major business partners in the region

> To manipulative Government
Three years compulsory dLS without a mandate

> To summer stress
No morning touchdown time with dLS, it’s straight to work

Going to bed early
More party time at night, when it’s cooler without dLS

> To Corporate Social Engineering