Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What is this, Lovers & Lobbers?

Ye gads, I was persusing the interwebs yesterday and came across a rather banal sort of post on Rotto Bloggo from a bloke calling himself Michael Hunt who runs a blog called Lovers and Lobbers.

To be honest, I thought it was the ramblings of some bogan couple without much care for spelling who liked a bit of jiggery poke in the great outdoors, in this case the lovely Rottnest Island. And then I checked the site stats and saw that the blog was attracting over 4,000 hits a day.

On closer inspection I see it's really a site dedicated to capturing Perth's young folk in varying stages of drug and alcohol-fueled madness. Lot's of clenched jaws, weird hand dancing, tongue displays, pashing and back-room groping.

It holds a curious fascintation and I for one would like to see more of the 'on the road stories' as featured on Rotto Bloggo. One to keep an eye on.

*Update - after various discussions, both in the office and via The Worst of Perth, I'm starting to reach the conclusion that Lovers and Lobbers is really just an extension of facebook, where instead of posting images ourselves, we're now allowing others to do it for us... the more compromising, the better... the y-gen brigade is hungry for fame and MySpace and facebook just aren't doing it for them anymore.

Seriously, when a bunch of 20-somethings are out on the town, check out how much time they spend taking digital snaps of themselves, invariably doing the same thing, just with different combinations of people.

Would I have done the same in my 20s if capturing the moment meant pushing a button on my mobile phone? Not that we had mobiles of course... For us to take photos at the same time as we endeavoured to get smashed required some pretty good organisation - you had to buy film for a start. It was an exercise usually carried out by the arty-farty amateur photographer among us... you know, the one with the woolly sideburns and the black horn rimmed glasses.

Carrying a camera around was only a viable option if it gave you some cred - a techy appendage of sorts, before techy stuff was around.

So am I pissing up the wrong tree here in regards to Lovers and Lobbers? Do today's 'yoof' hunger for a level of fame that carries with it the inherent risk that Mrs Brown from English will see them engaged in oral fornication under a grand piano while out of their skulls on MDMA?

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Anonymous said...

So in writing this you are saying that every single youth who has their photo posted on Lovers and Lobbers gave persmission to do so and was just after their "15mins" of fame?? Riiiiight! Seems just like Michael Hunt you are judging everyone based on your out-dated opinions on how young people should act. I take pictures with my friends while we are out every weekend....so i'm just a mindless druggy after fame am i?? Could it be that we just want to have lasting memories of nights out with our friends having fun and making the most of being young?? No couldn't possibly be. I love how people in their 30's and 40's take to judging us so eagerly. And just to point out - the two patrons of the manor indulging in fellatio under the piano?? They are actually in their 30's ....seems the quest for fame doesn't die after hitting the big three-o.

Anonymous said...

"out-dated opinions on how young people should act"

So are you saying that it's A-OK to get strung out on pills, drink more than your weight in alcohol and act inappropriately in public spaces?

Yeah, okay..

Anonymous said...

No i don't think its ok to take drugs and binge drink....my comment was more trying to convey that i think ppl like you who post blogs about these young people to try an validate your life does not make you a better person. Would love to see if your still so judgemental when you have kids of your own and they turn into "strung-out" druggies - but of course someone as sophisticated and smart as you would NEVER let your kids do such a thing right??

ciara said...

Every generation acts differently because of the environment around them. Arent drugs becoming more evident in todays society? So, more young people are exposed to them. That doesnt mean every young person these days does pills. When you were in your 20s did you never get pissed? Isnt it always the way, when you get old, you deny the mistakes you made in your youth, and blame the younger generation for being so reckless. Lovers and Lobbers makes the impression that all youth of today are on smack. Although it is more evident, it is not the case. And if your generation had the technology we have today, i doubt they would not be using it in the same fashion. Its easier to blame, and yes you are just doing so to validate yourself.

Cookster said...

Maybe it's my pill-popping past catching up with me, but I can't keep track of WTF you people are on about!

Anonymous - who used to be a real person - you fail to see the tongue planted firmly in my cheek here. Your argument would have me claiming that every young person who takes photos of themselves and their friends on nights out is on drugs. Ummm, no.

As to my kids, probably best you just let me handle them thanks.

Ciara, are you dissing me here? I'm not 150 missy, pills and potions abounded when I was a yoof. Indeed, ecstacy made its first appearance on the scene when I was about 18... the real deal, not the speed/rat poison riddled crap being peddled today. Indeed, there was a short period when it was legal.

Fuck's sake, I aint throwing no stones in this glass-house. Stop jumping to ill-founded conclusions okay?