Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why social media is like punk

Thanks to mUmBRELLA for this thought-provoking link. You know I always wanted to be a punk, more in a Saints or Sex Pistols kinda way than those wannabes Green Day... hey, maybe it's time to re-open the piercing in the ear?

Melbourne-based PR consultant Gerry McCusker - author of the PR Disasters blog, presented at the International Association of Business Communicators conference in San Francisco last week.

His topic was Why Are CEOs Scared of Social Media? As part of the presentation he created this two minute presentation on the similarities of social media to punk rock.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this one. I hadn't seen it before and as a fan of both punk and social media it's a little interesting. The similarities between the two are certainly there. I hadn't really thought about it before but perhaps that's why I became attracted to social media - I grew up with punk rock so it's essentially in my blood.

In regards to the final part of the clip - the 'suits' will never 'get' social media, just like they never got punk. They tried to do the same with rock n roll too, but they failed. The reason is simple. They aren't part of the scene. They weren't rockers, they weren't punks and they aren't part of social media. They are just businessmen looking for a market to exploit.

Cookster said...

That's why they need a good PR bloke like me. I got punk and I certainly get social media... although these days I rarely get an opportunity to give Never Mind The Bollocks a good outing...