Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The world of Socialnomics

This video sorta makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

There's no doubt that social media / networking is THE new way of communicating and engaging with the world around us, but some people really do still see it as some kind of fad. If that's you, then watch this video and give yourself a short reality check.

Hell, I never saw a computer until I was about 14 and that had a room to itself that could have housed a small family. I watched black and white TV until grade seven and thought Space Invaders was about as far as technology could possibly ever go. Hah, my first computer was a Commodore 64 - 64kbs, about as powerful as a calculator!

My point is, this change is happening and for people in the communications game it represents a whole new ball game. This beast is galloping along at a powerful pace and I reckon we all need to hang on tight and get ready for the ride of our lives.


Unknown said...

Great idea John. There are those that know and embrace technology and those that don't.
There really is a small paradigm shift away from so-called normal media channels, but you are right in that the wave is gathering momentum.
in knowing this I embarked on teaching my diploma of PR students about PR 2.0 (social media) and how it can be used to good effect.
And its working.
The not-for-profit organisations and workplace positions they are currently undertaking have all requested a new role in using social media to communicate with their clients/target audience.
Consider the use of how we all met, through LinkedIn! it works and those who embrace change will have a unique position over current PR practitioners in time to come.
Am currently reading a book called PR 2.0 by Deidre Breakenridge (I believe is presenting at the PRIA conference in Brisbane later this year) excellent book and great insight. The other person you need to Google is Brian Solis a forerunner in PR 2.0
Cheers and keep up the great work, Keith

Cookster said...

G'day Keith - agree entirely and so heartened to learn that someone in academia has embraced web 2.0 and is preparing the next wave of PR people for this brave new world!

I've probably worked with one or two of your students during their time as interns at PPR?

Thanks for the recommendations - will definitely check out the book and already on to Brian Solis... he does a good webinar :)

Good to hear from you and keep up your good work as well!