Friday, September 18, 2009

The birds are back in town

I was awake at 4.30am this morning. There was a dull glow - a hint of dawn - tapping at my bedroom blinds and then it hit me... this is only going to get MUCH worse as we march into Summer and there is NO daylight saving to come to my rescue.

But it wasn't the light that woke me today. No, it was the early morning cacophony of our native bird life that dragged me from slumber.

First it was the dreadful warbling of the two million magpies that hang out in the adjacent golf course. Excuse the French, but what the fuck are they shouting about? 'Hey, this is my tree - youse can all fuck off and find your own.' 'Hey Frank, there's a baby dugite crossing the 18th fairway that's got our name on it.' 'Man, any of you dudes spot me some worms till my pension check comes in on Wednesday?'

I mean seriously, why at the mere hint of dawn do these noisy bastards have to start up with all the warbling? No wonder koalas are so freakin' grumpy all the time and wombats bury themselves 15ft underground - it's the maggies.

Of course, not long after the maggies start up you get the mother of all noisy bastard birds, the Victorian kookaburra getting in on the act. Throw in a couple of crows having a stoush over the contents of a discarded KFC box and you have a regular fucking orchestra in play.

I don't mind the sound of birds during the day - it's restful. And I get the fact that for some reason they are genetically wired to shout at each other first thing in the morning, but that's why daylight saving was so very, very handy.

As we move into summer, the sun is going to rise progressively earlier and with an increasing level of intensity. Back in 2005 I remember waking at 4.45am one morning thinking I'd slept in. That summer the kids were all awake no later than 5.30am.

For the last three summers the kids have been in bed by 8.30pm - no issues with late sun - and been up at the reasonable hour of 7am. But no longer.

So I'm thinking of making a statement. I'm looking to track down an old Mr Whippy van and when the magpies start their early morning warble, I'm gonna fire that sucker up and hit the streets where the 'NO' DLS voters live and MAKE SURE they're awake to appreciate their glorious early morning light.

And instead of Green Sleeves, I might instead opt for a bit of Enter Sandman or Good Morning Sunshine. Maybe the Pixies doing Gouge Away. I'd be keen to hear your suggestions?


felicakes said...

Thank you so much for putting my thoughts in writing so well. I was woken up by maggies and also black cockatoos!

Your post made my day and I do hope you find that Mr Whippy Van. :*)

barking owl said...

Yairs... we had a family of kookas wake us up this morning.

Bloody naysayers. They're probably all up and about walking dogs at 6am, enjoying their early light.

DrMobs said...

Maybe Nickelback "If today was your last day" would be appropriate.

parissite said...

INXS's "Don't Change".

It will awaken them.

Being their theme song, it will remind them of their way of thinking, and lull them into a false sense of happiness.

It will hopefully inspire them to auto-erotically asphyxiate.

Cookster said...

Thanks folks - I'll have to compile a 'No DLS driving tape' at this rate!

The Worst of Perth said...

Oh no, those sensitive daylight saving souls are now subjected to birds no less. Birds! And you wonder why you lost. My god will the whingeing ever stop?

Unknown said...

Dude, I live in Scarey Park, BunVegas, next to a cemetery and where i live... the magpies chortle ALL NIGHT LONG. I shit you not, you can hear them a 11pm, 1am, 2.45am, 3.39am ... all the way up to dawn... and THEN they go to sleep :(