Friday, January 27, 2006

Another brick in the wall

"And they said to one another, 'go to, let us make brick'. And they had brick for stone, and slime they had for mortar". Genesis, 11:3. The earliest written record of brick production.

Just thought I'd give you a bit of brick news to kick the weekend along...


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog & I like it!

I miss Perth terribly. I was actually trying to find out if the noodle shop in Curtin University- Bently Campus was still open. I have been craving their simple fried noodles. Weird, since I haven't had them since 2001!

I remember stopping at Subiaco when taking the train to Fremantle to get my weekly loave of poppyseed bread from the market. Those were the good days!

Well, thanks for describing Perth so well in your posts.

Take care!

Cookster said...

I'll find out about those noodles for you and if you're lucky, maybe I'll post a few pics! Thanks for your kind words and drop in again soon.