Saturday, January 14, 2006

It's gettin' hot over here...

Lordy, Lordy pants on fire! After a period of fairly mild weather it looks like Perth is set for the heat wave from hell. 36 c and more humid than a weightlifter's undies tomorrow, followed by mid 30s through till next Thursday at least. Get me my ice vest and if anyone tries to fiddle with the aircon thermostat I'll bite their arm off!

I'd hit the beach, but what with all these rabid bull sharks and hammerheads lining up off the coast like hungry teenagers at a Maccas counter, the wading pool might be the safest option.

Just about to hit the couch and watch John Waters' latest offering, Dirty Shame, starring Tracy Ulman. Let's hope it's better than Ice Cube's effort, Are We There Yet? Even the young bloke found that a bit hard to digest.

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