Sunday, May 07, 2006

Grant McLennan Dies - long live the 'Go-Bees'

Terribly sad news out of Brisbane today that legendary Go Betweens frontman Grant McLennan failed to wake up this morning and we'll never again get to witness the melodic charm and warm wash of the Go-Bees live on stage.

To me the Go-Bees and The Triffids were the defining Australian bands of the 80s.

I spent many a night drifting and dreaming of what my future might hold as songs like Head Full of Steam and Spring Rain beat out a soundtrack that seemed so perfect, so pure.

As GM put it so eloquently in The Wrong Road:

"I took the Wrong Road round
Stranded at low-tide where the river bends
Wouldn't you know it, that's how life ends
Lucky at cards, that's an old lie
Lucky in love, that's how life ends."


Anonymous said...

wow.. that is so unexpected. i'm really saddened by this. as well as his stuff with the go-betweens i've got a couple of his solo albums and they were also really good. he's gonna be very very sorely missed.

Cookster said...

I think Cattle and Cane was just recently named Best Australian Song - fitting really, the Go-Betweens always made me feel good about being Australian beyond all the sterotype Paul Hogan-style crap.

All day yesterday I had Head Full of Steam going round and round in my brain.

Anonymous said...

Here in Portugal we're gonna miss him too.