Sunday, February 04, 2007

What's in a word you ask?

A disturbing trend has emerged in the key words that are directing people to The Perth Files... featuring high on the list are Ben Cousins, local underworld figures, sharks and whale spew.

What's pleasing is the association between 'West Coast' and 'Suck' - three words that should always go together and in this order whenever Fremantle's poor chardonnay supping cousins are made mention of.

Also pleasing that words like bestiality and fetishist aren't up there, but now that I've included them in this post, maybe they will? Woops, better chuck in a serving of christianity, Jesus, happiness, sweetness and light.

Also better steer clear of words like muslim, terrorism and 9/11 lest people get the wrong idea and I definitely do not want to see any traffic being directed here that should be going direct to the Australian Liberal Party.

Here are the top key words for this month:

perth, eagles, daylight, suck, west, coast, savings, mercanti, troy, cousins, ben, mcdonalds, australia, shark, dockerland, john, mokbel, saving, day, files, tony, fremantle, sightings, light, water, pasta, booze, melbourne, song, wally, foreman, sighting, zoo, whale, hours, western, bus, howard, vote, bore, dockers, food, spew, kizon, bush, does, blog

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