Sunday, February 11, 2007

Donnie Davies update - who is Todd Quillen?

Well, it's taken a couple of weeks, but I finally got a response to my email to Mr Donnie 'God Hates Fags' Davies.

However, the response and accompanying You Tube message is not from Donnie, but from the affable Todd Quillen... It's all been a clever ruse. Click on the link below.

Donnie Davies...
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Todd Quillen
AddSaturday, 10 February, 2007 6:31:19 AM

Hi, I'm Todd Quillen. I'm notDonnie Davies.
Here is something I have to say....
Thanks for the ride!


Anonymous said...

Well, well, well...Cookie's ruse wasted on a ruse. All that outrage on a spoof!

There might be comfort in numbers targeting the leftist gallery of rogues, but where's the point? Apart from affirming your own righteous world view, that is.

Which was precisely my earlier point you got all defensive about. At least you had the guts to post the facts up, even if it did leave you looking a bit silly.

Ah shit - I'll leave you to your blog without further intervention. You're never gonna learn anything from me, anyway, or take up any of my arguments without getting defensive. And I've got bigger fish to fry.

In parting, I have to admit to being over-the-top in my aggression. I was seeking a bingle, just for fun... playing a nasty game, which makes me no better than you with your easy target shooting. I'm not proud of it. So that's it from me. See ya.

Cookster said...

Christ DOTS, you're not John Howard by any chance?

Before you go, can I just say that what I post up here is purely opinion and I've got no problem with people having an alternate point of view.

I picked your posts as being antagonism purely for the sport and I'd hazard to say, so would the 'tiny' number of people who visit this site.

As for being defensive, take a good look at yourself old cock - I'm sure you'd find some flaw in my argument if I dared ask you the time.

Finally, if it makes you feel better about yourself, I haven't lost any sleep over your comments.

Mind you, a good friend of mine is particularly pissed about what you've said about him.

Happy fishing and please feel free to drop by at any time!

Anonymous said...

I admit it - I am John Howard. As such, I must reject categorically any suggestion that I am defensive. I am simply right, always. What need for defensiveness?

Seriously, you are not correct in dismissing my posts as "antagonism purely for the sport" and that is not what I admitted to. The points I made were genuine, but the manner in which I made them was calculated to offend and rile - which, unsurprisingly, was the outcome.

I'm thrilled that I have genuinely pissed off your friend, whoever he is - he clearly deserves to feel that way.

I think you SHOULD have lost at least a bit of sleep over my comments. Your arrogance is an armour you'd be better off without, and your instances of patronising your readership (eg: the daylight savings posts) are deserving of a good literary arse-kicking. Seems I fell short of impressing a few bootmarks on your rump, despite my best efforts.

I didn't give you much chance of genuinely engaging with my arguments, because I was far too aggressive and offensive to do anything other than draw responses in kind. However, I do sense a self-righteousness and smugness there in your opining, and this was part of the reason I tried to blow it apart. I am not convinced that you would be prepared to concede a point of argument to another, despite your protestations that you "have no problem with people having an alternative POV".

I really don't accept that I have been similarly defensive - but you haven't given me any sort of argument for my money, so that contention remains untested.

Finally, I am not just a nasty prick (although that tendency surely exists in me, as I have amply demonstrated): I didn't go after you in that aggressive, offensive manner that I began in the junk food thread merely to push your defensive buttons and thrill to the response. Rather, I was contemptuous of the bland, polite posts you were getting, and wanted to outrage a few of these pale yuppy drones into a bit of genuine expression. Sadly, I failed. Whatever...

OK, that really is it. No more fishing from me. Honest.

Cookster said...

Oh come on DOTS, it was just getting interesting.

Nice point about John Howard, but his reactions in Parliament today after his Dubbya-inspired gaff re the Democrats goes pretty close to being defensive.

Okay, so you were trying to get my back up and have your say at the same time - great. I like to be riled.

My friend is currently cyber tracking you with the view of beating you senseless - I advised him that this would be pointless, but I do hope you're not living in Victoria.

Okay, in your opinion I'm a patronising fourth rate hack, but this is my blog and on issues like daylight savings I intend to have my say. You're all welcome to say what you like in response.

I don't know about the smug and self righteous comments, I'm just saying what's on my mind - take it or leave it. Getting back to daylight savings, I think there are plenty of WA people who feel just as strongly as me that it's madness that we haven't had it in place for years already. Did you realise that in WA a large percentage of people were in favour of retaining the roster petrol station system.

DOTS I tried to provide you with fact re the McDonald's post, but you are obviously so ideologically opposed to the company that all you could see was me peddling supposed lies.

Pale yuppy drones? Well, there'll be no stopping my mate now. Listen out for strange scratching sounds at your back door.

So how's about yourself DOTS - where's your blog/website? You're not a Peel lad by any chance?

Arthur_Vandelay said...

Donnie Davies . . . let's hope this is all cleared up soon enough. He seems too ridiculous to be true, but nothing would surprise me regarding the fundies.

The Joneses said...

How confusing - a mix up between Donnie Davies and Todd Quillen and comments about Perth from soneone who no longer lives there? I can't see how any of this could possibly come together - sounds completely far fetched to me.


Todd Davies
(Originally from Donnybrook and Perth but no longer living there).