Friday, February 17, 2006

Booze Bus Benny...hic!

What a day for the Wet Toast - first the Leapin' Leo Masks and now we find out that Benny Cousins has done a runner from his car to escape a Booze Bus! By crikey, he's always on the go that lad!

Young Cuz even left his passengers siting in the back seat of his Merc and blocked one lane of traffic, so desperate was he to avoid our friendly men and women in blue. It seems that his front seat passenger also legged it, although as far as I'm aware, passengers are generally allowed to be intoxicated... unless of course there was more than booze involved here.

What gets me is that Benny's lawyer is talking it up that he doen't think anything further is likely to be made of the issue - as Big Jack once said in a lusty tone, 'pig's arse!' If this doesn't go further, there's something really rotten in the state of excitement.


Anonymous said...

ahhh.. captain cokehead proves to everyone yet again what a pretentious wanker he really is. who drives a 4WD mercedes???? the prick really thinks he's some kind of rockstar who can do whatever he likes without repercussion. the cops should throw the book at him

Cookster said...

What puzzles me is that police are yet to decide if they'll press charges against Cousins - Dave, if it was your or me, do you reckon we'd be at liberty right now?

Another heads-up - Gardiner has been told to train at Claremont "until his demeanour improves"... fricken hard with a coke hangover every day...

Anonymous said...

Something funny going on here.
Surely he would be up for something for leaving his vechile in the middle of a road blocking traffic at worst.

From what I heard the Police chased him and he got away. Surely that is an offense as well.


Anonymous said...

Comments From

I feel the pain of everyone!


Sat 18th Feb 2006, 04:31
Sad to see Gardiner cannot make the best of his opportunities. Paid very well for a young man and with a high public profile...he could have made that anything he wanted. Not every 26 year old gets such a chance. Gardiner may end up being one of those annoying guys in a bar who will bore people with stories about how they could have been a champion but were let down by their coach, teamates, etc.

Cousins is a brilliant player, but unfortunately not captain material. Captains are appointed because they represent the club both on and off the field, demonstrating leadership qualities in all spheres. No doubt Cousins had it on the field, but off the field? No, time to go Ben ,even if the club does not remove the captaincy he should relinquish it.

Both players are exhibiting a level of arrogance which is probably derived from believing your own publicity.

In the long run cutting the influence of these two on the rest of the team may actually be to the Eagles benefit.

Registered User

Sat 18th Feb 2006, 04:47
Thank you for your comments, I thought I was the only one.

Wish this empty feeling would go away, it`s almost worse than after the GF.


Sat 18th Feb 2006, 16:28
Its a bitch of a situation really, but a lot of eagle fans would be outright flabberghasted if Cousins remains captain.

I realise the club are waiting for the outcome of the investigation before making a decision, but I'd prefer if that decision came sooner, rather than later- the sooner its sorted, the sooner the West can release their 18 page 'Benny's Fall from Grace' special and the sooner we can get back to worrying about football.

I'm tempted to email Mister Stocks, both to find out when the club is planning on making further statements, and also to make sure the club is aware of what the majority of fans seem to think.

Mr Q
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Sat 18th Feb 2006, 17:17
Given the reaction of the mostly fairly young, and consequently fairly accepting members of the forums here, I'd say the reaction among other, older members and supporters of the club is likely to be overwhelmingly in favour of removing Cousins from the captaincy.


Sat 18th Feb 2006, 18:05
Here's what I posted on bigfooty, pretty much all I have posted on the subject but it sums up my line of thinking -

I wouldn't have a problem if the captaincy was taken off Ben now. It was made clear he was on his last chance and if anyone is niave enough to think he was not AT LEAST over .05, well I'd suggest to take those blue and gold glasses off for a moment.

Ben Cousins goes through a booze bus and blows under the limit = no story.

Ben Cousins gets out his car and runs off at booze bus = story.

Ben Cousins goes through a booze bus and blows over the limit = story.

So lets face it, the guy got behind the wheel, seemingly knowing he could be over the limit, but drove anyway, knowing what would happen if he was caught, despite the fact that he has had numerous warnings and was involved in a major police investigation last year. Now I know some of you will say we don't know this is the case, but as many also know, I am a realist, I'm not towing the supporters line here because I think it's fair to assume that he was at the the very least over .05.

Now who knows, he could have had something illegal on him, that's the thing - not only does he look like an idiot for running away, he looks like a guilty idiot - AGAIN. Yes, it's 'looks like' rather than cold hard facts but when did that ever get in the way of damaging the clubs image - AGAIN.

Plenty of warnings, seemingly on his last chance the last time he made the front page for all the wrong reasons.

If he is replaced as skipper, well it isn't as if Ben wasn't warned.

Lynch Beast
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Sat 18th Feb 2006, 20:57
its never good to see such a champion player tarish thier reputaions for stupid off field acts

Garry Ablet and Wayne Carey come to mind

Anonymous said...

so sad to see my beloved tigers being used a dumping ground for a coke-addled has been. he should bloody well be sent to play amateurs cos that's what he is. tosser