Sunday, September 17, 2006

TNT - Freo's Dynamite!

The new tradition at the end of Fremantle games, following a win, is for the AC/DC classic TNT to be played at a raucous volume over the loudspeakers - it's become our unofficial club anthem.

And doesn't it just rock! On Friday night it was rumoured that Bon Scott himself had scaled the fence at Freo cemetery and was on his way to Subi.

Taking the song to the next level I thought I'd do a bit of re-working and give it a bit of the purple passion treatment:


See us run out of the centre square
On your plasma TV screen
We're the purple passion, yeah!
If you know what I mean
Runners to the left of me
And runners to the right
They ain't got no passion
They ain't got no heart
So don't you start no fight

'Cause we're Fremantle, we're dynamite
(Fremantle) and we'll win the fight
(Fremantle) A purple power load
(Fremantle) watch us explode

We're dirty, mean, the fastest you've seen
Each one a wanted man
Purple enemy number one
So lock up your goal square
Lock up your wing
Lock up your backline
And get ready for the sting
The Dockers are back in town
So don't you mess us 'round

'Cause we're Fremantle, we're dynamite
(Fremantle) and we'll win the fight
(Fremantle) A purple power load
(Fremantle) watch us explode

Fremantle, (oi, oi, oi)
Fremantle, (oi, oi, oi)
Fremantle, (oi, oi, oi)
Fremantle, (oi, oi, oi)
Fremantle, (oi, oi, oi) , we're dynamite
(Fremantle, oi, oi, oi), and we'll win the fight,
(Fremantle, oi, oi, oi), A purple power load
(Fremantle), watch us explode!


Anonymous said...

How good is that? Bon could sing Brian Johnson off a break any day and as for Sydney football - if it isn't the Easts Roosters it aint the grouse.

If that big forward flanker Hall came up to the Kelly Club looking for trouble Eddie Salita would belt him so hard his rello's back in St Kilda would feel it.

Ill be blowing a few hot ones of Wazza'a grouse stash, downing a DElicoius of 8 and watching Freo win on the Plasma teev back at Cox Ave.

Yeah and I don't eat tofu either!

Anonymous said...

Get back on the back of Mad
Max's Motor bike Budda! Go Swans!!!

Cookster said...

Bubba - you sound alot like someone I know - Price would be very happy...

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the Dockers on Friday...I am a Sydney girl through and through,but the Dockers are my second team. I can't wait to see Pavlich and Farmer in a big game atmosphere, should be a great match! I hope the Swannies win of course,and I'll be cheering them on...but if we don't, you guys better win the grand final!

Anonymous said...

Scene 7: New Enemies and Scene 8: Old Friend

The Marauders make a noisy grand entrance into some sleepy small town. They park the scooters. The Toecutter and Johnny the Boy keep walking as Bubba Zanetti stops to speak with the Station Master, the other bikers behind him.

Bubba: Good afternoon.

Station Master: Good afternoon.

Bubba: We're here to meet a friend. Come in on the train.

Station Master: Nothing come in on the train except a couple of crates and a [pauses, glances at Bubba]...coffin?

Bubba: Our friend.

Station Master: You'll have to see the agent, sign the papers.

Bubba: Where do we find...this agent.

Station Master: Wait.

Station Master walks into building, end of scene.

The Station Master escorts them to the coffin, left at the side of some train tracks.

Station Master: That must be your friend over there...didn't leave much of him.

Bubba: [glaring at coffin] Must've cut his heart out, eh? [turns and glares at Station Master]

Scene 10: Link

The Marauders are traveling down a highway. The Toecutter is in the back of a pickup truck, along with his motorcycle, holding the coffin. Bubba rides up and motions for the truck to pull over.

Bubba: [lifts helmet visor, waits for truck to completely stop] Johnny the Boy has done it again. This time it's a scrubber. He's never gonna learn.

Toecutter: [smiles] But we are going to teach him, Bubba. You are going back for him.

Bubba: No way. Not me, not for him.

Toecutter: But it's not for him. It's for me, Bubba. [whistles for truck to pull off]

Bubba: [watches truck drive away] You're wasting your time, the Scag don't rate! He's nothing like the Nightrider! [regains composure, slaps down visor, turns motorcycle around and drives off]

Scene 11: No Contest

Three young boys are at the Halls of Justice, playing on trashed Impala, the same one that the Marauders had attacked in previous scene. One boy quits playing and walks up to fence to talk to Bubba, who is leaning against the fence on the opposite side.

Boy: Hey mister, what happened to the car?

Bubba: What do you think happened.

Boy: [glances at car] Looks like it was chewed up and spat out.

Bubba: [nods] Perhaps it's the result of an anxiety.

Scene 12: Big Mouth

The Marauders are on a beach, drinking and acting crazy with a mannequin, with women giggling in the background. Bubba merely sits there and scowls. Unable to tolerate anymore he leaves his chair and speaks to the Toecutter while holding his holstered Mauser.

Bubba: Joviality is a game of children.

The Toecutter shoots his shotgun in the air, silencing the party.

Scene 12, con't.

Bubba has the Mauser carefully aimed at the mannequin. Johnny the Boy grabs the Toecutter's shotgun and jumps in front of Bubba, blasting the mannequin.

Johnny the Boy: [on knees, facing Bubba] If you're going to waste the bronze, you gotta do it big! [laughs]

Bubba: You just don't have the style, do you, chickenshit. [turns to the Toecutter] Goes to water on a dummy.[walks back to chair and fetches holster]

Scene 24: Sprog!

Location: May Swaisey's farm. The Marauders have Max's son, Sprog, whom Jessie is pleading for them to return. May shows up with a double-barrel shotgun.

May: Hold it! Right there!

Toecutter: [gives a mocking scream, pretends to be scared] I hate guns!

Bubba: Old lady...[begins walking toward May]

May: Stay back!

Bubba: [his voice slightly raised, continues walking toward May] Woman...

May shoots but doesn't hit anyone.

Scene 28: Man Down

Bubba, on motorcycle, has just shot Max in the kneecap and ran over his arm. With Max laying helpless in the middle of the highway, Bubba pauses.

Toecutter: [a little panicked] Quit toying, Bubba!

Bubba: Easy. [holds up right hand] I know what I'm doing.

Bubba puts his visor back down and starts racing his motorcycle towards Max, who picks up his shotgun at the last minute and shoots Bubba in the chest. The last shot of Bubba has him sprawled out on the side of the highway, a small hawk or falcon landing on his chest.

Ronald McDonald said...

Just stopping by to say Hello, Like your style Mate! Best, Ronald McDonald

Anonymous said...

u r a clown Ronald!