Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free WiFi at McDonald's Australia

Some good news that I know many of my geek friends will enjoy. Now you can haz wireless internet connection at McDonald's AND enjoy a Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee at the same time!

In fact, leave me a comment below, email, or DM me at twitter and I'll even line up some free coffee vouchers for the first 50 respondents (or is that respondees... hmmm, crap word either way, but I'm too busy to care!!).

* Only down side is that the WA roll out won't take place until Feb 09... but as the shampoo commercial states, 'It won't happen overnight, but it will happen!'

Tuesday October 21, 2008

McDonald’s enables customers to roam free

McDonald’s Australia today announced its plans to roll out free wireless high speed broadband internet access to 720 restaurants, making it the biggest provider of free WiFi in Australia.

McDonald’s Australia has partnered with Telstra, the country’s leading telecommunications carrier to offer the free service over Telstra’s Next IP™ network. The staged roll out is expected to be completed by March 2009.

Free WiFi will benefit a broad range of McDonald’s Australia customers, including business people on the move to those wanting to take time out at the weekend to catch up on the latest news or music downloads over breakfast.

In fact a regular hotspot user who pays to log on for an hour a week could save as much as $728 per year on premium WiFi charges by using the McDonald’s Australia free service.

McDonald’s Australia CIO, Henry Shiner, said this new technology will enable our customers to work online using their own laptop, personal digital assistant (PDA), mobile phone or games console at any McDonald’s restaurant.

“Many of our customers are looking to access the internet on the move and we see this partnership with Telstra as leading the way and providing a free and convenient service to further enhance our customers’ restaurant experience.”

“The internet continues to play a larger role in our everyday lives and access to the Internet continues to drive people to seek that opportunity to go online while away from their offices and homes,” Mr Shiner added.

Mr Shiner also explained the additional benefits available with the new service.
“The installation of the Telstra’s Next IP network will mean our staff will be able to access for business applications such as access to training programs and other online information,” Mr Shiner said.

The partnership between Telstra and McDonald’s Australia will ultimately give free wireless broadband Internet access to customers at 720 premium locations Australia-wide.


David Cohen said...

You might get into trouble with Bret at free beer. Will our vouchers last until next year?

Anonymous said...

Typo in the first Para. 'has' should be 'have'

Anonymous said...

so the slogans going to be "would you like wifi's with that??!!"


Cookster said...

Yeah, good one Brendo - even you can HAS cheezeburger, lol!

That's TEH problem with you Commodore 64 users, you aint got teh lingo!

Cookster said...

Yeah Teh 'Rage - I'll get long distance vouchers. Maybe desperate and 'dateless' vouchers...

Thank you, I'll be playing the Ruby Room all week.

Martin English said...

What was / Where is the source of the article ? Do we know when the wifi will be rolled (regionally, or state-by-state) ?

Anonymous said...

If you go to there is a list of stores that have gone free (12 so far). This list will be updated every Friday night with the new stores as they go live. Over 700 stores to be live by end of March 09.

Cookster said...

Hi Martin

The source is McDonald's Australia - I handle their public relations activities in WA and distributed this announcement this morning.

Here is a roll-out plan:

The state by state roll-out plan is as follows:

NSW/ACT Mid October Late November
VIC/TAS Late November Late December
QLD/NT Late December Late January
SA/WA Late January Late February

Anonymous said...

haha typical WA is last..

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! Just in time for our "big trip" that I want to blog about while we're on the road next year.

Ron Holmes said...

I tried it on my Vodafone N95 mobile and it didn't work :( My friend who's with Telstra had to log in with his mobile number.

Ron Holmes said...

Sorry, just noticed it's 'coz I'm in WA. Wait Awhile.

Cookster said...

Indeed Ron, all good things eventually come to us West Aussies... however, knowing the way this state works, we'll probably hold a referendum to ban it!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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