Saturday, October 11, 2008

US Kath & Kim

Okay, so the US version of Kath & Kim has rated well, but then having it sandwiched inbetween My Name is Earl and the US version of The Office is always going to get you a crowd - at least once, maybe twice.

And while US film and TV critics carry about as much weight as Michael Jackson as the CEO of The Office of Child Protection, by all accounts and from what I've seen, this concept hasn't travelled well. Indeed, instead of making it to the east coast of the USA, it would appear that USK&K has struggled to make it much further than Kuta beach before nosediving faster that a Qantas airbus.

I'll have to wait until I see the real deal play out in a full length episode, but to be frank, the greatest appeal of Kath & Kim has been its unique look at Australian life in the burbs - our bogan heartland, with the Kel and his chiploata puns, to Kimmy and her CHARdonnay linguistics.

I think the fact that Americans are unable to digest or appreciate humour from beyond their own border - hello Sarah Palin! - is probably enough to see any translation of Kath & Kim struggle. The only glimmer of hope is that while the yanks really, really don't like to laugh about themselves, My Name is Earl has been succesful in doing just that...

Is the US getting themselves a sense of humour? Christ knows that having figures such as the Bush father and son team, Arnie and Sarah Palin in public office, maybe the joke's really on us?


Dina Roberts said...

There are a lot of things about America I don't like. It definitely has it's problems, but I disagree that a lack of a sense of humor is one of them.

First, I think there are a lot of American TV shows that have Americans making fun of themselves--not just Earl. There's The Simpsons, The Colbert Report, The Daily News, and....Well, I don't watch a lot of comedy lately so I don't have many examples to give.

Second, everyone has a sense of humor. It's just we might not always UNDERSTAND each other's sense of humor.

For example, I think in your post you were trying to be funny. I didn't find you funny at all. But other people might think your post was hilarious. It doesn't mean I'm lacking a sense of humor. Nor does it mean you're lacking one.

Cookster said...

Sorry Dina from Fort Worth Texas who is obsessed with Australia, but you have to admit, there is a HUGE chunk of the US population that struggles to UNDERSTAND anything... hey, they voted for George Dubbya Bush ;-)

It's okay, I was trying to be serious, so I'm not offended that you don't think I was funny.

But hey, if I ever come across you while you're out here on holidays you won't mind if I put a redback down your shirt anyway???

Sarah said...

I saw the episode last night, because despite the fear I had of them butchering the best Australian TV show ever (in my opinion) I thought the cast was great and they might be able to do it, but sadly I couldn't watch more than 5 minutes. Guh.
It was too slick and too slow and I understand when you buy the rights to a show you want to get as much worth for your dollar out of the original script but it just seemed like they were doing a watered down version of the original.
Stick to 30 Rock and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia America and we'll stick to K&K.

Anonymous said...

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Dina Roberts said...


I won't argue with the idea that Americans are dumb.

I WILL argue with the idea that we're not funny.

We're funny dumb people. Okay????

And every so often we can do something somewhat intelligent.

I'm not sure if I could manage to be funny OR intelligent with a spider crawling inside my shirt. I'll try ; )

Cookster said...

Ha ha, Dina, I can tell that you're part Aussie already!!! We're a nation of stirrers, who love to bait the overseas contingent, particularly those in the US - I think it's because so many of you are so OTT patriotic and god fearing... it brings a wry smile to our sun parched lips :-)

And to be honest, while there is the 'dumb' sub-class, it's probably no worse than the Australian equivalent - you have your Sarah Palins, we have (had) our Pauline Hansons. You'll note that most of the stuff I post here is about the 'backwardsness' of good old WA.

I tell ya what - seeing as you're such a good sport and already half way to becoming a true blue, fair dinkum Aussie sheila, I'll spare ya the redback! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Its a common theme for a lot of things. Hell when Savage Garden released their album in the US, they had to remix it to make it more palatable to US audiences.

Ultimately though it doesn't matter what Australians think of it (I mean, we already know what Australians think of it and it isn't pretty). What will matter is what Americans think of it. If it sells well, it sells well. And in the meanwhile we can only hope that Gina Riley and Jane Turner got a lot of money out of selling the rights to it...

Have a noice, diff'rent, unewesal day.